Bespoke Signs Manufactured To Your Own Design & Requirements


A quality shop front sign isn’t just a great investment. It expresses your company’s style and turns your business into a recognisable brand. We’re here to help you design and manufacture a sign that’s truly you and support you every step of the way.

Below, you’ll find the different types of signs, materials and options that we offer, from tray signs and letters to lighting and installation options.


But don’t worry, if you’re unsure of which materials or styles to go for, our creative team is here to help, simply book your complimentary sign consultation or site survey with us at and we’ll help you get started.


Sign Trays

If you’re looking to wall mount a quality sign above your shop front,

tray signs are one of the most suitable and durable options that allow

you to add all types of lettering, 3D shapes, illumination, textures and

colours, all with no visible fixings.


Our wall mounted tray signs are fabricated to your own specifications

and dimensions and allow for an easy and straightforward installation.

Choose between Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or DiBond

trays and customise them with 3D shapes, fret cut lettering or printed

images and textures.

Signs Thumbnail-01.png
Signs Thumbnail-02.png


Our tray sign systems allow for almost unlimited variation in size, shape and

return depth.


Choose a flat tray, or add depth for a

3D effect.

Signs Thumbnail-04.png
Signs Thumbnail-03.png


Our workshop has the capabilities of producing sign trays with any shape.


Cut out letters or shapes from your tray or add a creative shape to the outline.


Choose one option, or combine both.

Signs Thumbnail-05.png


Add special prints, textures or images to your sign tray.


This option is ideal to mimic the look of expensive materials through print at an affordable price.


Sign Letters

Styling your sign letters can be one of the most fun parts of your sign

project, with many different options to choose from, you can match

your letters with your interior concept, space and branding all with the

help of our wide selection of materials and manufacturing styles.

For a modern sleek look, couple a sign tray with 3d illuminated built up

letters and shapes. Expose the light bulbs and choose open faced letters

for a retro chic vibe.

If wall mounting is not an option, hang your letters down from the

ceiling on a frame and display your new eye catching sign behind your

shop front glass.

Signs Thumbnail-06.png


Slim and flat, these letters are perfect for simple signage and can be combined with 3D letters.


Although these letters cannot be internally

illuminated, you can illuminate them with external down or up lights.

Signs Thumbnail-07.png
Signs Thumbnail-08.png


Flat faced built up letters are great for halo illumination and are made of one particular material and colour.


Outlined letters on the other hand are manufactured with a different colour on the side than to the front, these are perfect for illuminating the face of the letter.

Signs Thumbnail-09.png


Open faced letters are built up letters that expose the inner light bulbs or neon tubes with a recessed open face.


If you’re looking to achieve a 50’s retro look, then this style is the perfect choice.


Sign Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in your sign design, it is there to complement your brand whilst making you stand out from the crowd.


Whether you’re looking to make a statement with bold colourful lights or subtly draw attention, our different lighting options have got you covered.

Opt for complete illumination to fully light your built up letters from the sides and the front or simply highlight the front of your letters with face illumination.

For subtle and elegant mood lighting, choose halo lighting and allow your letters to glow from behind.

Signs Thumbnail-10.png


Ready to quirk up your space with

neon lights?


This past decade, the neon glow has found its way back to some of the trendiest industrial chic and contemporary

vintage spaces.

Signs Thumbnail-11.png
Signs Thumbnail-12.png


Shine a glow behind your letters or tray for a subtle and moody lighting effect.


This type of illumination is perfect for lighting up the perimeter of a sign tray or any flat faced built up letters or shapes.

Signs Thumbnail-14.png
Signs Thumbnail-13.png
Signs Thumbnail-15.png


Let the light shine through the front of your letters or tray with face illumination.


This type of lighting evenly highlights the front of built up letters or shapes and is perfect for a subtle shimmer of colour.


Sign Installation

Whatever the installation method, our skilled team can fabricate signs of all shapes and sizes no matter the technical specifications.


Whether you would like your sign to hang down from the ceiling or stand tall from the ground, we have the machinery and resources to build any sign frame with your own specific requirements.

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Signs Thumbnail-17.png


Hang your sign directly from the ceiling or the side of a wall.


We can mount your letters on a back tray, or fix them directly to a frame without

a background.

Signs Thumbnail-18.png


Welcome visitors to your site with a standing totem.


These are great for guiding your guests around your premises as soon as

they arrive.

Signs Thumbnail-19.png


Mount your sign directly to a wall.


Have your letters fixed on a back tray or mounted separately.