Print your artwork on this coloured transparent film to transform any smooth glass surface with ease. With this product, your printed graphics appear bright and brilliant while the unprinted areas remain coloured and clear thanks to the film’s transparency.

A coloured film printed to your artwork, designed to be applied as is, or cut to specification for added impact.


  • Vibrant colours
  • Layering can create nearly unlimited colour options
  • Great for glass and also suitable for other surfaces
  • Impressive 3-5 year durability
  • Brilliant colour effects when backlit or used on white or reflective surfaces


Product Properties


  • Media thickness: 80mic
  • Media finish: Gloss
  • Face film: PVC
  • Adhesive: Acrylic pressure-sensitive removable 22gsm
  • Combustability: Stuck on aluminum, the film is self-extinguishing


Usage Guidance


  • Durability 3-5 years outdoors, with vertical exposure, in middle-European climate.
  • Application temperature min 15c
  • Service temeprature -30c to 80c