Fabricate your own sign letters with our range of materials. Choose between flat cut letters, built up letters or open faced letters and customise your own lighting options.

Flat Cut Letters


Slim and flat, these letters are perfect for simple signage and can be combined with 3D letters. Although these letters cannot be internally illuminated, you can illuminate them with external down or up lights or halo illumination.


Built Up Letters


Flat faced built up letters are great for halo illumination and are made of one particular material and colour. Outlined letters on the other hand are manufactured with a different colour aluminium frame on the side than to the front, these are perfect for illuminating the face of the letter.


Open Faced Letters


Open faced letters are built up letters that expose the inner light bulbs or neon tubes with a recessed open face. If you’re looking to achieve a 50’s retro look, then this style is the perfect choice.