Bring your imagination to life and walk straight into the world of your choice. Whatever and wherever it is, customise your floors to your liking with our high resolution printed to order heavy duty floor vinyl.


These floor prints are great for commercial spaces and bespoke interiors. They are fast to install and require minimal building work. Mimic the look of expensive tiles or cover the whole floor with art, the possibilities are endless.

Lino: Our printed anti-slip, anti scratch and fire rated 2mm thick lino flooring is the ultimate solution for short to mid term indoor non adhesive floor graphics. This product can be fixed with carpet tape for stability, or removable tape for short term expo work.


PVC: Our durable 2000mic soft PVC bespoke printed floor is perfect for retail, expo and architectural environments. This floor is best suited for reverse printing offering a highly durable top layer. This product can be fixed with water based glue, double sided tape or mount films.


Vinyl: A textured 140mic vinyl providing a bespoke printed anti slip surface, perfect for wet barefoot walkways and a cheaper alternative for short term installations.